Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Japan will never repent

Germany repented for starting the holocaust in the 1930s. But the only country that will never repent is Japan.

Japan is known for the raping of women of Nanjing, Seoul and Manila. Women from our neighbor Australia are were also part of the coercion into sex slavery called the "comfort women".

Japan was also responsible for Unit 731 where they use Chinese prisoners as lab animals to test biological weapons, including the dropping of rat fleas which gave China the bubonic plague.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to whitewash all of these crimes they committed and take Japan back to the past where women have no rights. No right to work. And all they do is worship the Emperor and the war dead. What's worse is that they demand to remove the comfort women memorial in return offering $8 million. They should do more. Renounce Shintoism.

In truth, Japan will not repent for what they did. Shintoism is the reason way women of Asia and Australia were raped. The opposition against revising the Post-war Constitution is deteriorating and almost dead. Japan is no match for China's military. China will win and it will be the end of Japan and it's dark history and its evil religion Shinto. Why waste our time calling on Japan to repent?

We must boycott all off Japan's imported goods. Do not pray for these people because again they will not repent.

This post isn't racist. Comparing to the Holocaust, we need to be remindful how the Chinese, Korean and Australian, and even us Americans have been tormented by this evil religion Shintoism.

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