Sunday, December 20, 2015

Teeth and your Brain

Before I give you some advices on taking better care of your teeth and have a healthy brain. Let me tell you what happened to me.

First, over the years I didn't take care of my teeth. They were yellow and rotting and they're about to come loose.   Currently, I lost two front molars one on my left and one on my right. The thing is I didn't brush and use mouthwash and I thought it was too late for me even if I tried to brush twice or even thrice a day. I tried to avoid eating sweets and just eating healthy like a salad. When I loose a tooth, I felt that it was all quiet in my brain. I might no longer have the earworm.

An earworm, is a tune that gets stuck your head and it can be a good thing for anyone to memorize.

I was ashamed of this and hid it for years. 

Here are some known facts

We have a two sets of 16 teeth, a total of 32.

It's important about our teeth is that it helps us smile, chew, and memorize.

When we don't keep our teeth healthy, it's not just that our teeth would turn yellow, rot, break or come loose. We would not only be unable to chew hard things like a delicious red apple or better yet impossible to eat just almost anything, you would only be limited to eating ice cream or apple sauce. A scientific study has shown that every tooth we lose, our mentality decreases. And it's not just the elderly who is affected, it's also those who have poor dental hygiene, poor eating habits, and tobacco use.

I saw this anti-tobacco ad "What does a pack of menthol's cost you? Your teeth.". It's a fact that tobacco use can cause tooth loss

Here are some tips to keep a white smile

- Brush twice or thrice a day and also important for adults to use mouthwash

- Avoid eating sweets. If someone offers you sugary cake, just say "no thank you".

- Eat lots of vegetables

- Drink plenty of milk.

- take calcium tablets if advised by your doctor.

- Avoid tobacco use

- Visit your dentist once a month.

- It's better to eat soft foods than hard foods including overcooked meals.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional physician. Please seek a physician or dentist for further advice on dental hygiene.

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