Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prophecy Alert: UN will monitor elections, New Executive Order to Seize Bank Accounts

Before I get to the prophetic news, a Canadian teenage girl named Amanda Todd committed suicide this week. The cause of this was cyber-bullying, some say it's because of her gender and some say it's her sexual orientation like homosexuality. I'm not sure but it maybe because of her gender.  The homosexuality part, we'll I'm not going to say it. She could've like contacted the Canadian government or Her ISP to track down who's IP address did this. But the thing is as much as I want to believe she is in Heaven but she's not.

The Bible clearly tells that suicide is a sin of self-murder. If you think of committing suicide because of your gender, race, or sexual orientation, don't do it. Committing suicide is rejecting God's plan for your life. Amanda Todd made the wrong choice. Those who commit suicide are going to the Lake of Fire.  Evangelical, Protestant, and non-denominational churches, a majority of the Lord's Church teach that committing suicide is rejecting the Lord's plan for your life.

Now let's get to some news prophetic news,

The UN is going to monitor the elections. I am not lying. They are going for it with UN troops and vehicles on US soil. What are they doing is, they're trying to make sure Obama wins for a second term. They want Obama to be dictator of the New World Order as Dr. Jack Van Impe has stated in his video "Dictator of the New World Order" from former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger "Obama primed to create New World Order". They will put you in International court and charge you for treason if you vote for Mitt Romney.

I have been watching this throughout Obama's first 4 year term, and I think through his supporters going with the words of Revelation 13:10 "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?" I'm not saying that Obama is this beast. But we cannot rule it out. This is not the reason the UN wants to make sure that nobody is suffering voter suppression, they really want Obama to be dictator of the New World Order. This is the same ploy what got Hugo Chavez re-elected in Venezuela.

And if this doesn't get worse, what is happening is a Twitter user is planning to kill Romney if he wins.

Also, Obama has signed an executive order to allow the government to seize your bank accounts "in the name of Iranian threat".

Time is running short, we need to prepare to die as martyrs for our Lord. He may come for His Church any moment, but we must remain faithful and prepare to die for Christ our Lord and Savior.


  1. Why did you have to incorporate religion with politics? NEVER MIX THEM! Do you know why? Look at the Middle East. Their governments are heavily influenced by their religion, resulting in persecution, violence, and chaos. The Bible itself is rich in discrimination and lack of equality.

    1. I do not incorporate Christianity with politics because John 18:36 shows that God's kingdom is NOT a government. Second, I know what is happening in the Middle East, Egyptian Christians are being threatened to die under Sharia Law, no other religions are being persecuted, it is the Christians are being persecuted there and there's nothing I can do about it except pray. The Bible does teach the equality of races. You are a non-believer, I pray you find the truth because you will feel Jesus tugging at your heart.