Sunday, October 7, 2012

NBC poll: Majority wants to be in a one party state, Big Bird in politics as Romney wants to cut funding on PBS, California gas stations close down

An NBC poll reports that a majority wants a one-party state like North Korea, China, and Cuba while the minoriry say they're happy with a divided state.

In order for that to happen, the remaining GOP red states will need to turn into blue states including the state of Georgia, which will happen in the mid-term election, because after that time Christianity will be criminalized one way or the other and martyrdom is coming.

During a Presidential debate in Colorado, Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney if elected will like to cut taxpayer funding to PBS, apparently to the left wing he wants to stop funding to Big Bird.

PBS used to be family friendly but now its gone "gay" or immorally leftist. Even  PBS confessed that Bert and Ernie are gay.

Even if Romney did, we have the internet and more people are streaming shows and movies on their computer. But the thing is that online streaming is at an all time low due to online piracy through file-sharing or torrenting.

The US is rapidly about to give California back to Mexico, as Gas stations in the state are now at a all time high of $5.00/gallon and most of the independent gas stations are considering to stop selling gas, reducing to convenience stores like 7-Eleven. 

We will lose a state, but we could gain a new state as Puerto Rico is voting for statehood, if this happens, Congress will have to introduce a bill to amend the Tennessee Act admitting Puerto Rico to become a state.

Pro: Puerto Rico as a US state will get to vote, more US Reps and Senators from each districts of Puerto Rico will be added to Congress

Con: PR will have to pay taxes including Social Security. All federal laws will be applied to PR.

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