Monday, June 4, 2012

HR 5882, Americans cannot be trusted

When you visit GovTrack, you see black marks on the site. This means that the site would look like if HR 5882 passes. However, what HR 5882 supposed to do is to cut funding on legislative items. But what the section of this bill can do is shut down WashingtonWatch, GovTrack, THOMAS, PopVox, and OpenCongress, allow the GPO to delete bulk data of all the bills that is available to the public and keep future bills a secret.

This means we can unknowingly be hit with unknown bills that would be passed and signed without any chances to voice our opinion, officially silence the American public.

House Speaker Boehner, House Majority Leader Cantor, and Rep. Honda all supported to make bulk data available to the public for our opinion. You can stop this by going to PopVox and voice your opposition against this bill and send your message to your Representative.

Update: Bulk Data issue Resolved. Rep. Crenshaw, previously thought the American public could not be trusted. The GPO section of the bill is redacted.

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