Monday, February 13, 2012

Solar Storms could erupt this weekend due to a massive sunspot

 NASA discovered a massive sunspot causing a corona massive eruption or CME which could wipe out all communications. The solar storm is expected to occur this weekend. I probably would rule out that NASA's theory that the solar storm would be a weak one, but we can assure that this would cause a regional, national, and even a global blackout.

What to expect in a global blackout due to the Valentine's Day massive Solar storm?

- Cars will stop running.

- Computers will be useless since they are vulnerable to magnetic solar flares.

- Food will go spoiled.

- There will be looting.

- Crimes will increase.

- Stock markets will crash.

What to do before a global blackout?

- Have or purchase candles, matches, first aid kits, non-perishable dry food.

- Make sure your doors are locked because the phones will go dead when the solar storm occurs and the police, hospital, and fire department operations will be unable to answer because their computers would become useless.

- Do not go outside because you will likely be shot or mugged by looters if you do.

- Always read your bible and pray to Jesus to help you through these dark times.

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