Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Newslines 2012

Israel Prepares to attack Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu says that Israel will attack Iran and it's missle bases. This will fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. U.S officials warned that the Israeli stock market will collapse if it goes to war with Iran.

The Israeli stock market may collapse but this is the big event before Jesus returns.

Obama Declares War on Christianity over the threat of Contraception and Abortion

The Obama Administration has declared war on Christianity, which we will be put in FEMA camps and even we have to face martyrdom over the threat of Contraception and Abortion in Obama care. Christian organizations, including Catholic Hospitals have refused to deny the biblical teachings. This means that pastors will be put to death for their belief. Christian networks will be shuttered.

And the Churches of Christ have denied that there never be a new world order because Jesus will come in any moment. Apparently this is irrelevant. They insisted that we are in spiritual persecution. Were Early church spiritually persecuted? No, only physical. Justin Martyr was physically persecuted. So are Stephen the Christian and the Apostle Paul.

Pope Benedict III appoints Timothy Dolan as Cardinal, May become Peter The Roman

St. Malachy's Prophecy predicts that the final pope would be Peter the Roman, which will likely be Timothy Dolan as Pope Benedict III appoints him as Cardinal. Peter the Roman is probably not the Antichrist, but Peter the Roman will probably be the one who will promote the Antichrist and cause all to worship him and force to take the mark St. Malachy predicted that the city on the seven hills would be destroyed, it could mean the Vatican, but it could also mean New York City because it's a global economic trade center and it's also where the United Nations sits on. Some say America is not mentioned in bible prophecy, but I'm afraid it is. Because America is known as Babylon The Great, the reincarnate of old Babylon. Because America is Babylon the Great, Cardinal Dolan will become Peter the Roman. . However, Peter the Roman may not be the False Prophet either because St. Malachy's final prophecy says he will be killed and the Vatican will be destroyed before the dreadful judge (Judgment Day) and the end of age comes. Before that Peter the Roman will nourish the people through tribulations, probably in the Tribulation.

Cardinal Dolan is in great danger if he accepts to become Peter the Roman because the Antichrist will kill him, which will be from the Middle East out of the revived Ottoman empire.

Google Glasses is a another step to the Mark of the Beast, Comparing with the movie Apocalypse II: Revelation

Remember the Virtual reality glasses from Apocalypse II: Revelation, that movie will become a reality as the Google Glasses will be the biggest step to the Mark of the Beast

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