Monday, August 22, 2011

PIPA and CFSA: The Death of Free Speech and silence of the Gospel is closer than we think

In my last post "When Copyright is nothing but the Love and Protection of Materialism", I discussed about PROTECT-IP Act and the Commercial Felony Streaming Act and why copyright is nothing but Love and protection of materialism. First off, the Protect-IP Act, passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and blocked by Wisconsin Senator Wyden, we have now learned that the House is getting ready to introduce their own version of the bill when they return from August recess after Labor Day. Second, The Commercial Felony Streaming Act will be voted sometime after Labor Day.

Protect-IP Act, if the House version passes and not the Senate version, would instantly silence the Gospel of Jesus on the net. For Example, the DOJ could use this bill to shut down Christian websites without a warrant. We know that piracy is theft and Camcording in a movie theater is illegal. But with S. 968, Christian websites could be deemed as copyright infringement and search engines would be to remove sites from their search results.

Remember Chinese Sponge Bob on You Tube? He said that he didn't know what fair labor is when he searched Chinese Google, in humor, showing "0" results for the term "fair labor".

When you search "Jesus" or "God", on a search engine while S. 968 becomes law, you get "0" results.

The Commercial Felony Streaming Act or in other words The Commercial and Non-commercial Felony Private and Public Infringement Act, if becomes law, would simply take down videos that infringes other people's music videos and movies. But the Government could use this to arrest people who are Christians and people who believe in Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press and put them in Jail for 5 years and make them a felon. Even if you don't use the internet, you are a felon if you sing in the shower, if your child shows a paper drawing, even sing in a church can land you in prison and thus stripping your ability to buy a home, go to a supermarket, get a job. You will be barred from society.

Future bills like the two, could even one day make it mandatory to have you get an RFID/DRM hybrid patch stuck to your forehead and the Government, MPAA, and RIAA can use it to control you, and making sure you obey copyright, be uncreative, unproductive, and buy their products.

The RFID patch I will discuss by the end of this week and how this will be used in the Tribulation.

The Congressional Budget Office says that if Protect-IP becomes law, it would cost taxpayers $47 million. Again, like I said "Copyright is not only the love and protection of materialism, but money as well".

Don Henley, Musician and former member of The Eagles said, "Stopping crime on the net is not censorship. There is no First Amendment right to infringe intellectual properties."

If stopping crime on the net is not censorship, then stopping The Gospel of Jesus on the internet is not censorship.

Musicians who support a bill to silence the Gospel of Jesus are self-worshiping idols.

The Bible states that "it is appointed onto men who wants to die, but after this the judgment." Jesus warns that there will be lovers of themselves.  I believe people who wants to have Fame instead of Jesus will be damned. The lyric "Fame I want to live forever" make you think that being famous would make you live forever. Fame won't let you live forever.

When both bills pass and become law, I believe that I won't participate into voting in the 2012 Presidential Election. Why? because we can no longer trust others who can do things we want them to do. All they would do is do what the corporates and the celebrities demand them to do so that they can swim into everyone's taxpayer money.

I think one day, Jesus will come back and judge those who would silence the gospel, persecute the Church and all of that money and material things would be added according to their works.

But what about you?  Have you ever have any material possession? Are you obsessed into material things, Rock & Roll, and the occult?

If you have, you must confess to the Lord Jesus and accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior. If you haven't ask Jesus to come into your heart pray these words:

Lord Jesus,

I confess to you that I am a sinner and I have an obsession of Rock and Roll and own material possessions. I want you to show me what to do, show me what's right, and please come into my heart. I accept you perfectly as my Lord and Savior.

In your name I pray,


If you prayed that prayer. The next step you need to do in order for your walk in Christ is according to Acts 19:19 and Luke 18:22. Burn or sell everything you have. If you have pornography, burn it. If you have things that associate with the occult including Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, burn it. Sell that you don't need in a garage sale. And If you have earned any money you sold off the things that you don't need give it to the poor. After you done those things, then the most important steps you need to do in your walk with  Jesus is read the bible everyday, read it with your family, read it to other families on a family night, etc. Find a good Baptist Church, that teaches the Gospel. Share your witness in Christ to others so that they can be saved.

God Bless you.

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