Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.8 earthquake on the East Coast: The Sign of the Rapture is closer than we think

As I heard on Fox News, a 5.9 earthquake has been reported in DC, VA, PA, RI, and NY. Most of you think that the earthquake was an inside job done by the government as a practice drill to scare us. The earthquake was not an inside job, it is a warning from the Lord Jesus that He is coming for His Church. The Rapture is closer than we think. Many skeptics have referred to Matthew 24 that no one knows the day or hour of His Return, some say He's not coming back at anytime or not for thousands of years. But thanks to Dr. Jack Van Impe for referring to the Parable of the Fig Tree. Jack Van Impe also knows that even if the term "rapture" is not found in the bible, the term "caught up" is translated from the Latin Word "raputo" or Rapture meaning to snatch or carry away.

The earthquake is a sign that we must be ready for His Return. If you're not ready, you will be Left Behind. Pray to Jesus that you are not worthy of His Return and you are not ready. Ask Him to come into your heart, so that you'll be ready. And if you did that, it's important to tell your family and friends to ask Jesus into their heart so that they can be ready.

God bless you and Maranatha (Peace)

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