Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Facebook's new Hate speech policy, Google's anti-christian search algorithm

When you search for scriptures on the internet or post bible verses on social media, it's all removed by Satan..

Two articles I want to remind you what is happening:

Breitbart reports that Facebook is cracking down on hate speech, ranging from bible verses and the exposure of the New World Order.  Facebook writes:

There are also times when we may have to remove or restrict access to content because it violates a law in a particular country

So in cases like this you can't say things about the Prophet Mohammad. The Now The End Begins blog is in danger of being removed because of the bible verses of what God instructs us and the exposure of the New World Order.

Google has launched a new search algorithm from the Knowledge Vault and what it does for example when you search for the existence of Jesus Christ and then Atheist/Humanist links come up.

So I would suggest to use a different search engine, but again in times like these when the internet became Satan's tool, it's time to kill the internet and go back to old school evangelism without the use of TV, radio, and the internet. And it's also time to read the REAL BIBLE. If you don't have one, find a christian bookstore and get one.

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