Monday, November 10, 2014

UN Arms Trade Treaty Myths

The UN Arms trade treaty expected to go into force on Christmas Eve. Which this is another step toward the New World Order, now that 54 countries have ratified the Treaty.

Myth: UN Arms Trade Treaty will stop Terrorism

The UNATT will not stop terror groups like the Taliban, Hamas, Hebollah, al Qaeda, ISIS or ISIL and state sponsored terror countries mainly Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia, and North Korea

Myth: UNATT will respect all national sovereignties including the right to bear arms

Despite of denial from many sources.

Article 2 apparently puts the final nail in the coffin the right to own firearms

and to make this more worse, Article 16 establishes a global police, meaning UN troops will act as law enforcements and having the ability to arrest civilians sending them off to their assigned FEMA death camps.

Our blessed hope,, Jesus Christ will return at the second coming.

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