Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orwell's 1984: Google's new DRM/censorship like patent will silence the gospel

Huffington Post reports that Google has filed a patent for a censorship/DRM software called the Policy violation checker. This will eventually become available to our federal government and other fascist states like Iran and China. It will also make it easier for intellectual property/copyright holders of the publishing and television media, including journalists, biographers, fiction/non-fiction authors, and newspapers, to crack down on people who write fanfics and will also be used to combat plagiarism.

User: I just move to Bing.

But Microsoft would likely want in on Google's patent.

User: Okay I'll just get a Mac.

But Apple wants in, on the patent too.

User: Okay I use Linux instead.

But the federal government will likely use Google's patent.

User: I'll just read a book instead.

Did I forget to mention that this software will be implemented in a brain implant?

User: Better build an underground bunker before this becomes mandatory.

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