Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston marathon Terror attack: False flag created by liberals?

I saw this happened, and I hope you saw this happened, too. On Patriot's Day, When the runners about to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon, an explosion happened killing 3 people and injuring 140, some have lost one of their legs. Authorities reported that there were bombs planted on bleachers and inside the Hotel.

If you say this is a false flag attack created by Jews, they have nothing to do it. I am tired of this Neo-Nazi, Anti-Semitic garbage. The NTEB blog reported that a Saudi nationalist was suspected of planting bombs. A Youtube video, shows a possibility that a false flag was created by liberals to blame conservatives or even Christians. If we were blamed for this we must prepare to die for the Lord and His Word.

I don't know who did it, but one thing I know that this is God's warning, after what he saw about those newborns that survived a botched abortion and Planned Parenthood said that there should be a right to a post-birth abortion, God saw enough and He is casting judgment on Lady Liberty, The Mother of Harlots, the revived form of the Old Babylon.

Wake up.

Come out of Her, Saith The Lord.

Repent now.

I will have to deal with this post-birth abortion issues in the next post.

Update: So far the Saudi Nationalist had nothing to do with this attack. It could the Liberal Anonymous Hacking Group threatening to attack Boston. I'm not saying or counting out, but it's possible. They threaten to hack government websites, they may have posted their plans on twitter to attack Boston with mobile devices.

And since mobile devices are used for terrorism, The FCC will have to scrap its incentive auctions for wireless and either create a fiber line mandate which means telecoms have to upgrade all rural lines to fiber and they don't want to do that, uphold the POTS rule which is very expensive to repair all the copper landlines, either both or go back to the old postal system.

Update 2: The FBI has found two men or terrorists responsible for the Boston bombing. One with a dark cap and one with a light cap.

If you see the two suspects in your area, alert the FBI.

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