Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut school shooting leads to the repeal of the second amendment and possibly the ratification of the UN Arms Treaty

 Prophecy Alert: False flag to Gun Control and the surrender of sovereignty.

26 people, 6 teachers and  20 students were killed by gunfire of a armed man.

I give my apologies and prayers to those who suffered this tragedy, but with this leading to the repealing the 2nd amendment and leading to a New World Order.

To my intent, this may just be another attempt leading a step forward to criminalize Christianity and begin mass exterminations of the Lord's bride.

If the next violent event occurs, what would the left wing media blame? The Lord's Church of course. They would blame God for a violent event. Revelation 14 clearly states that they will curse God and refuse to repent.

This is a wake-up to the Lord's Church to "COME OUT OF HER" saith the Lord, the living God of the bible and the trinity.

It is clear that Jesus said the His Kingdom is not a government.

While we are pilgrims in this corrupted government, we are commanded to obey the Lord and Him alone. Do not listen to the left wing media. The darker this world becomes, that time is when we need to follow our Lord Jesus and obey his word and not the governments.

Christians are not to be involved in politics, no matter if your denomination or your Church of Christ teaches that. Jesus didn't authorize us to be involved in politics. His Kingdom is spiritual and not political. It is true that Jesus does reign in our hearts, His kingdom is not in this old universe, but instead it will be in a new universe.

I am a Premillennialist, but my viewpoint of this doctrine is very different though I do believe in a pre-trib rapture. The Church is never mentioned in Revelation 20 as it refer to the Tribulation saints who are martyred. Popular teachers like Tim Lahaye and Hal Lindsey teach the church re with the Lord Jesus Christ. But only Revelation 20 refer to the martyred tribulation saints, the church is not mentioned until after the millennium, the old universe is replaced with a new one which would be like the Garden of Eden once was, the church will descend from Heaven unto the New Earth. Revelation 19 only Jesus Himself will return.

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